April 10, 2007

Hey folks,

Well, Spring break’s over. It was a nice week, but now we’re back and it’s time to talk about Tragedy. See, back in the old days, around 350 B.C. or so, there was this old guy with a beard named Aristotle. He lived in Greece, and was friends with some other old bearded guys named Plato and Socrates. They all sat around thinking about stuff all day, and Aristotle, just like you and me, liked to think about movies. Except they didn’t have movies back then, they only had plays. But you take what you can get, so he watched plays and wrote about them. He figured out that there were two types of plays: tragedy and comedy (yes, there’s more types now, but not back then, so deal with it).

So he wrote a book about tragedies and comedies and what makes some better than others.

I put together a little powerpoint presentation on the subject, and it has all the answers to the worksheet in it.

Have fun!


tragedy and comedy powerpoint

tragedy and comedy worksheet


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