One of the major projects this term is a presentation on a director of your choice.  I passed around a handout with a list of well-known directors you can choose from.  Any director not on the list is fine, as long as they’ve made at least 4 films and have been working for over 10 years (so their first film was before 1997). 

Each presentation consists of two parts: a written report, and an oral report. The written report should be about one page, and answer most of the questions below. It must be typed. The oral report will be in front of the class. You will have 15 minutes to teach the class about this director. Tell us the things you found out about these questions.  You can write on the board, use a powerpoint, make a documentary, perform a puppet show, whatever teaching method you prefer the most.  And feel free to make a quiz and/or provide treats for the class!  Plan on showing at least 3 short clips from this director’s films.  Anything from an R-rated movie must be approved by me beforehand (that means a day or so beforehand, not 5 seconds before your presentation, otherwise I’ll say no).

For example, if I’m doing my presentation on Charlie Chaplin I might put together a powerpoint presentation with pictures of him and quotes from or about him, along with some interesting facts, including how he has some of the best fight and/or dancing scenes in film history. Then I’d show a fighting clip from “Easy Street”, and then the fight scene from “The Kid” and then the dancing scene from “The Gold Rush” and then the fight scene from “City Lights” and maybe if there’s time, the dancing scene from “the Great Dictator.” Sounds cool, huh? So do something like that.

Questions to think about:

1. How did they get started in film?

2. What is unique about their films?

3. Who were they influenced by and who did they influence later?

4. Do they have any recurring themes or styles?

5. What matters most to this director?

6. What are their best films? Any bad ones?

7. What do you personally like about them?

So, lots of fun stuff that I want to hear about from each of you.

The presentation is worth 55 points (which is a lot in this class).  Here’s how I’m grading it:

1. Written report: 20 points (4 points per question answered, minimum of 5 questions).

2. Oral Report: 10 points

3. Appropriate clips from movies: 15 points (5 for each film clip).

4. Presented on due date: 10 points

Below are some downloads

list of directors

presentation questions


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