I know you kids in your ideal world would have your video ipod cellphones, headphones in, hood up, looking down, unlimited battery power, so that you’d never have to go to work, never have to talk to anyone in person, never have to look away from the miniature tv screen. Well, that ideal world blows. Movies are cool and all, but talking to real people is even cooler. Especially if those people have been around for a while. Even cantakerous old H.D. Thoreau. He’d have some cool stories to tell.

For this project you need to find someone over 60 years old and interview them. Find out what life was like for them when they were your age. Then write up (TYPED) what you found out and tell the class about it. If you would like to make it into a documentary or slideshow, all the better.

Download the following paper for some ideas on questions to ask: Interview Questions


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